About the Program

Information about the incubator program

Why Incubate?

Many new businesses cannot afford the startup costs, because the land and equipment is inherently expensive. The incubator provides a place for entrepreneurs to bootstrap production into a revenue stream that funds expansion, culminating in the acquisition of land and equipment of your own.

Lower Costs

Realistically, many businesses fail within the first few years, but any business incubator increases your chances of success. An incubator program allows you to focus your investment and commitment in mission-critical infrastructure. 

In an office-based business, a startup will share building space, office personnel, phone lines, and so on. An established land owner may provide some or all of those resources, along with pastures, barns, heavy equipment, tools, experienced work hands and operators, and much more.

More Funding

Capital investment sources can help your business to reduce your startup and ongoing fixed costs. Land, equipment, and other costs have risen out of reach for most ventures, so we expect to facilitate such arrangements for rural entrepreneurs. This often represents the only tenable option for ventures with otherwise prohibitive startup costs.

For example, your monthly lease may be reduced by investing a portion of your time working for the land owner or other incubator programs.  We will consider many other types of equitable exchanges of time, equipment, or other kinds of capital.


The incubator program brings together highly motivated and active individuals in common goals: business startup, development, and growth. At the very least, cooperation will be necessary to facilitate use of shared resources; however, the situation presents ample opportunities 

You will all be learning and applying the same lessons while launching your ventures. Cross-pollination of ideas and other collaborative efforts can help everyone. Opportunities abound for exchanges of labor, chores, or other work. Unlike a school, you are free to delegate any and all aspects of your work to others.  

It takes a village to raise a child, or so the proverb goes. For some of us, a bouncing baby business brings a similar lifetime of joy.  Let the incubator be your village.